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The Women's Caucus Meeting will take place on Thursday September 12th, 13:30-14:30 in Room M1170. Everybody is welcome, there is no need to register. As this is a lunchtime meeting, please feel free to bring your lunch to the meeting venue. A full meeting agenda will be available at the registration desk in Geneva. The most notable points on the schedule include a report from the current co-chairs (Sabina Leonelli and Lena Kästner) about the Caucus activities during the past two years, the election of a new senior co-chair and a discussions of current and future projects of the Caucus.

The EPSA Women's Caucus

The EPSA Women’s Caucus was founded on 6 October 2011 during the 3rd EPSA biennial conference in Athens (Greece). The Caucus’ agenda is to promote networking, research collaboration, and informal peer mentoring among women and other under-represented groups in philosophy of science, as well as to make the presence of women and other under-represented groups in the field more visible.

Philosophers in Europe are in real need of initiatives to discuss and foster gender equality, not least given the diversity of backgrounds, institutions, and welfare policies within each member state, which have a strong effect on academic cultures and on whom is empowered to participate therein. 

The Caucus aims to make a difference by bringing together philosophers to identify and discuss gender issues, supporting initiatives that foster the visibility of women in philosophy, and providing information and resources to women and other minorities in the profession. It was instrumental in EPSA’s subscription to the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme.

Currently, the Caucus is organising keynote lectures delivered by female philosophers at EPSA meetings. It publishes interviews with women in philosophy assessing their professional situation and systematically collects data on working conditions in different countries to support its members.


    For general inquires and suggestions regarding the Women’s Caucus, please contact the co-chairs directly. For issues regarding page content please contact Anna Leuschner. For technical issues, please contact the webmaster.


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