European Studies in Philosophy of Science

The main purpose of the series is to provide a publication platform to young researchers working in Europe, who will thus be encouraged to publish in English and make their work internationally known and available. 

Philosophy of Science

Between the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities

Edited by Alexander Christian, David Hommen, Nina Retzlaff, Gerhard Schurz (2018)

Pragmatic Idealism and Scientific Prediction

A Philosophical System and Its Approach to Prediction in Science 

Edited by Amanda Guillán (2017)

Rethinking Knowledge

The Heuristic View

Edited by Carlo Cellucci (2017)

The Union of Chemistry and Physics

Linkages, Reduction, Theory Nets and Ontology

Edited by Hinne Hettema (2017)

Making it Formally Explicit

Probability, Causality and Indeterminism

Edited by Gábor Hofer-SzabóLeszek Wroński (2017)

The Deep Metaphysics of Space

An Alternative History and Ontology Beyond Substantivalism and Relationism

Edited by Edward Slowik (2016)

A Pluralist Theory of the Mind

Edited by David Ludwig (2015)

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