Graduate Student Essay Prize

  • At the biennial conference, the EPSA awards a 500€ prize for the most engaging paper published in EJPS by a graduate student.

    For the 2023 Prize, eligible papers are those submitted to EJPS in 2021 and 2022 and accepted for publication, and whose authors were graduate students at the time of submission.

    In addition to the announcement of the Prize during the General Assembly, the winner is invited to present the awarded paper at the biennial conference. If necessary (i.e. the winner is not already presenting a paper at EPSA23), a travel budget will be provided and the winner will be exempt from registration fees. Eligibility for the prize is independent of submitting a paper to EPSA23. 


    • Constructive and collegial aspect of the main thesis;
    • Originality of main thesis, in the sense of how the idea opens novel spaces for discussion, within existing or emerging debates;
    • Clarity of argumentative structure;
    • Breadth of the literature, in the sense of openness to debates and scholarly productions that goes beyond Anglo-American debates.

    The organizers of the EPSA23 Prize are Federica Russo and Edouard Machery and the members of the selection committee are Cyrille Imbert, Marie Kaiser, Caterina Marchionni and Giovanni Valente.

    2023 Awardees

    We are proud to announce the winners of our 5th Graduate Student Essay Prize:

    Past Awardees

    The following is a list of former winners of the Graduate Student Essay Prize:
    • EPSA21 in Turin. Kristian González Barman (University of Ghent) for "Explanatory Holes? Testing the Limits of the Mechanistic Framework".
    • EPSA19 in Geneva. Benedikt Knüsel (ETH Zurich) for “Understanding Climate Phenomena with Data-Driven Models".
    • EPSA17 in Exeter. Conix Stijn (University of Cambridge) for ‘Integrative Taxonomy and the Operationalization of Evolutionary Independence".
    • EPSA15 in Düsseldorf. Rune Nyrup (Durham University) for "Empirical Problems for Explanationism". 

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