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The European Journal for Philosophy of Science is excited to announce a new Topical Collections series. These are special journal issues that collect papers on a given topic, theme, author, or philosophical problem. Collecting such an issue may be triggered by the organization of a specialized conference, a symposium, or a project. For instance, the first Topical Collection is a volume of Selected Papers from EPSA17, the 6th biennial conference of the EPSA.

The following Topical Collections are planned for this year. Please note the online submissions portal for each collection will be open during the designated submission period only.

Title Guest Editor(s) Submission period  Status 
Philosophical Perspectives on the Replicability Crisis Mattia Andreoletti and Jan Sprenger  1 Oct – 31 Dec 2019  Due
Powers in the world of science  Andrea Roselli and Anna Marmodoro  1 Oct – 30 Nov 2019   Due

Creativity in Art, Science, and Mind

Adrian Currie and Anton Killin

1 Aug – 30 Nov 2019

Scientific Perspectivism Michela Massimi 1 Jun – 21 Oct 2019  Open
Selected papers from EPSA17 Thomas Reydon, David Teira, and Adam Toon


Instructions for Authors

Papers should be submitted through the EJPS Editorial Manager under the dedicated heading for each collection. Please select this heading when submitting the manuscript.

Submitted papers are peer-reviewed as per usual journal practice. Typically, two reviewers will be assigned to each paper and final decisions will be taken by EJPS Editors in Chief, following the recommendation of the Guest Editor(s), which is based on the reviewers’ reports. Please prepare papers for masked review.

For more information about how Topical Collections are assembled or to submit a proposal yourself, please visit the EJPS page on Springer.

Update: Submitting a proposal

Thank you for sending so many good proposals for Topical Collections to the European Journal for Philosophy of Science.

For those who may be currently preparing a proposal, we notify you that we will only accept proposals for consideration submitted by 31 July 2019.  We will select among proposals received by that date.

We will reopen submissions for proposals later in the year. Watch out for announcements.


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