New Co-Editors-in-Chief of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science (EJPS)

14 Nov 2016 15:00 | Michael Braeustetter

Dear Members of the European Philosophy of Science Association,

It is a great pleasure to announce that Phyllis Illari and Federica Russo have been appointed as the new Co-Editors-in-Chief of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science (EJPS). Their 3-years term starts in July 2017.

Phyllis Illari received her PhD from King’s College London and is currently Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Science in the Science and Technology Studies Department at University College London. Before UCL, she completed two postdoctoral projects at the University of Kent and at the University of Hertfordshire. Her current work is on mechanisms, causality, and information, and how they impact on evidence assessment in biomedical sciences.

Federica Russo received her PhD from the Université catholique de Louvain and is currently Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Science at the University of Amsterdam. Before that she held research, teaching, and visiting positions at several institutions, including the University of Kent and the University of Pittsburgh. Her current research has two main strands: causality and evidence in the social, biomedical, policy sciences, and the relations between science and technology.

Phyllis and Federica are already very experienced in the publishing business. They have worked together on several projects, including their co-authored volume Causality: Philosophical Theory Meets Scientific Practice (OUP, 2014) and co-edited (together with Jon Williamson) Causality in the Sciences (OUP, 2011). Federica is also an Associate Editor of the journals Philosophy and Technology and Topoi and serves on the editorial board of The Reasoner. In 2016, Federica was also an Associate Editor of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science, hence she knows our journal first hand. Phyllis is currently Associate Editor of the Springer journal Philosophy & Technology and Editor-in-Chief of The Philosophy of Information: A Simple Introduction (2012, 2013).

The European Journal for Philosophy of Science was founded in 2010 and the first issue appeared in 2011. The founding editors of the journal were Mauro Dorato and Carl Hoefer, and we cannot be thankful enough to Mauro and Carl for the truly excellent job they have done over the years. It is not easy to start a journal from scratch and to position it on a competitive market with several highly regarded journals. Federica and Phyllis will take over a well-regarded and established journal. Many thanks, Mauro and Carl!

I would also like to thank the other teams who applied for the Editorship-in-Chief. We received indeed several very strong applications, and the Steering Committee is very happy that there is so much support for EPSA and interest in running the journal in the EPSA community. Finally, I would like to thank Federica and Phyllis and wish them all the best for their term as Co-Editors-in-Chief of EJPS.

With best wishes, on behalf of the EPSA Steering Committee,

Stephan Hartmann

President, European Philosophy of Science Association

Alexander von Humboldt Professor, LMU Munich

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