EPSA Newsletter 02-2016

Table of Contents:

  1. Presidential Address
    By Prof. Dr. Stephan Hartmann (MCMP/LMU Munich).
  2. Philosophy of Science in Norway & Poland
    In the section 'Philosophy of Science in Europe' we ask scholars to fill in a questionnaire about the situation in their country for philosophy, especially philosophy of science. In this issue: Norway & Poland.
  3. Spotlight on the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science – LSE CPNSS
    In the section 'Spotlight on Research' we take a closer look at a European research institute. In this issue: the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science – LSE CPNSS.
  4. Science meets Philosophy: Interview with Fulvio Ricci
    In the section 'Science meets Philosophy' a scientist is invited to muse on the impact of philosophy on his or her discipline. In this issue: the Italian physicist Fulvio Ricci.
  5. Women in Philosophy of Science. Three-minute interview with Mary S. Morgan
    With last EPSA Newsletter, we launched a new section entitled 'Women in Philosophy of Science. Three-minute interview with…'. We interview prominent women in the field and ask them to tell us in three minutes what, in their view, are the bad news and the good news, respectively, for women in the field. In this issue: the British philosopher and historian Mary S. Morgan.

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