Presidential Address

Welcome to the first EPSA Newsletter for 2017!

We are currently working hard to make sure that also our next conference, EPSA17, will be a big success. EPSA17 will take place in Exeter, UK, from 6 to 9 September 2017 and feature, besides many exciting contributed talks and symposia (selected by the Program Committee chaired by Thomas Reydon and David Teira), presentations by our keynote speakers Sonja Amadae, Philip Kitcher and Margaret Morrison. As always, there will also be a Graduate Student Gathering and a meeting of EPSA’s Women’s Caucus. This time Helen Beebee will deliver the EPSA Women Caucus Lecture and all are welcome. Participants will further have the opportunity to talk to Phyllis Kirstin Illari and Federica Russo, the new editors of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science (EJPS). Moreover, members of the EPSA Steering Committee organize a session which explains how to apply for ERC grants. Let me also mention that the Local Organizing Committee, chaired by Adam Toon, organized subsidised childcare during the conference and we hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity.

In June and July, the next elections will take place. We will elect a new President and four new members of the Steering Committee. The elections will be conducted electronically and I would like to urge you to participate in them. You will soon receive more information about the procedure.

Please enjoy reading this newsletter. And many thanks to Mieke Boon and Sabina Leonelli for compiling it.

Stephan Hartmann

Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy
President of EPSA

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