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Message from the outgoing Vice-President

In September 2019, I will finish my four-year mandate as Vice-President of the EPSA and a new Vice-President will be elected.

These have been four immensely rich and stimulating years for myself and for the EPSA, which I have witnessed growing and going from strength to strength thanks to the unfailing work of the past President, Stephan Hartmann, the current President, Samir Okasha, and all the members of the past and present Steering Committee. It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with them all. I am very grateful to the past and present Co-Editors-in-Chief of the EJPS (Mauro Dorato, Carl Hoefer, Federica Russo and Phyllis Illari) for the sterling work on the journal. Within a short span, the EJPS has become one of the major publishing venues for some of the very best work in philosophy of science. The Editors’ mission statement to increase diversity and tackle underrepresentation sends out a strong and unequivocal message about EPSA, a message that is reinforced by all the work done by the EPSA Women's Caucus over the years (I give here my special thanks to the Women Caucus Chairs: Sara Green, Lena Kästner and Sabina Leonelli). Our Society is committed to promoting and fostering equality and diversity. EPSA is home to very many traditions within the broad umbrella called “philosophy of science”, traditions that —rooted in our European history and geographical and institutional diversity—have made of EPSA the thriving community that it has become. In the current uncertain times for Europe (and for the UK in particular, with Brexit), the EPSA remains a beacon of hope for international collaborations and testament to our rich multicultural history. I am humbled to have served the EPSA, and I look forward to seeing it flourish and further expand in the years to come.  

See you all in Geneva in September!  

Yours sincerely,

Professor Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh)

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